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Learning to run on little rocks

We’ve all practiced stepping from one rock to another at some point in our childhood. Most of us learnt pretty quickly not to look down at the rocks as we skipped over them, speeding up on every try, but to look where we were trying to go, the destination. If you looked down, you knew what would most likely happen, splash, into the water you went.

Thoughts are no different.

Thoughts are simply the rocks with which we get into our future. They are the necessary mental stepping stones for our consciousness to navigate the “I” that is each of us from here in our thoughts to there where we eventually find ourselves. We have to be able to explain to ourselves how we got from here to there.

If we allow ourselves to look to closely at any one thought, to fall into our thoughts as it were, we over focus and become neurotic about a single thought, one possible event or moment; splash into the cold, watery depths of thinking and over thinking we will go.

If instead we learn to step gently on our thoughts, to diminish them in importance while our eyes are always kept clearly focused on our destination, then we learn to run with full awareness and commitment to that and only the smallest amount of thought necessary is given over to actually moving us forwards in our journey.

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