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I’ll bet you’ve never considered mapping your thoughts. Why would you? Sounds perfectly ridiculous, unless . . . Let me explain in less than 140 characters why I think you’ll find it revealing and very useful. Our whole lives are spent either feeling the consequences of our own thinking or dealing with the consequences of other people’s. I hope that got your attention because I think it bears thinking about especially when you consider that . . .

Everything we do begins with a thought, even right this second, thoughts are always there. Do you know what yours are trying to do right now? What pattern they’re following? To what end? Hear this: Everything we create and every change we impose on this planet has its origins in our thinking. The consequences of our thinking are, well, HUGE, and often irreversible.

More than ever, in a world of dramatic change, we need to understand who we are, individually as well as collectively, in our thinking and what we are trying to do.This is why my friends/colleagues and I have spent years learning how to map the world of thinking. If you’re interested in discovering your own thought processes and patterns, and their consequences, if you’d like to map yourself and your friends in the world of thinking, I invite you to go to mindtimemaps.com. It is a life enriching experience to know that not only do you belong, but that you play a vital role in everyone’s life with your thoughts. Best to learn what it is I’m talking about and confirm that you’re using them consciously.

I’ve always believed in the idea that everyone has value to bring with their thinking. Conscious thinking. It’s a conversation changer for sure.

Here are my ‘snap shot’ results. There was a ton more to read accessible from my dashboard.

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Time to leap in our thinking

Quite naturally, as we look at our world today, we’re focused on practical solutions to our problems. And, when we focus on practical solutions we tend to focus on our physical world, the world out there.

The issue, I believe, is this. While everything that is going wrong in our physical world is the result of our physical actions, our physical actions are the result of our thinking, our inner thoughts. It is to our thinking that we must first look in order to solve our problems; that is where the solutions to our problems lie, in changing the way we use our thinking. The results produced by our current use of thinking are all too obvious.

As Albert Einstein said. “We cannot solve our problems with the  same level of thinking that created them. We must see our world anew.” It is time to leap.


Consciousness ~ The Origins

In 2004, I was flying from Seattle to Toronto. A long flight. Somewhere over Winnipeg and bored I found myself making lots of small dots in my note book, a sort of pointillist outburst. I let go of my thoughts and judgments about it and simply allowed it to continue, for four hours! This was the result. When I’d finished my outburst I realized that I had produced a more artistic version of an illustration I had first sketched in 1993. I had originally called it “The Origins of Consciousness.” It is now 2014 and this early inspiration has evolved into a well-formed and published theory of human consciousness, psychology and thinking. It’s called the theory of MindTime. My relationship to this theory has been my greatest lesson in life; a lesson in listening to my inner knowing and voice and following that rather than anything else. I’ve learned this practice is called the Tao.

Over the coming months and years I’m going to use this blog to share more of the ideas and insights that seem to flow naturally from that inner voice. Much of what I’m likely to write about comes from the insights gained from our work on MindTime and how I believe it can be used to evolve more consciously aware people, teams, organizations, communities and cultures. I hope you will enjoy what you read and share it with others who you think will find meaning and usefulness in this work.

Origins of Consciousness

From one unindividuated consciousness to our individuated thoughts and experiences. From source to human consciousness.

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