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I study human time

I’ve been living this past year and a half on a Greek island.
I’ve made some wonderful Greek friends.

The first time I met Giorgos, an electrician by trade, we were sat in a cave on a beach (that’s a story for another time). My Greek was and still is, scant. Giorgos’ English, while better than my Greek, is quite rudimentary. So, our conversations are usually short and to the point.

“What you do?” Asked Giorgos that hot afternoon as we sheltered in the cave.
“I study time.” I replied earnestly. “Chronos.” I said, showing off my Greek.
“What you mean?” He quickly asked back.

I was about to embark on a light explanation of mindtime and our theory of thinking when I noticed he was looking at his watch and said.

“What you need to study time for? It’s 2 o’clock!”

Such are the very best Greek philosophers.

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