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The illusion of your dream job


There’s a wonderfully little article in the Sunday November 27th edition of the BBC online. It’s about dream jobs, or rather the lack of dream in the dream job once it manifests. Did it ever happened to you that the long imagined vacation simply was not as blissful as previously imagined? That retirement is dull and flat? The man of your dreams turned out to be a lout? Or, your childhood heroine a criminal all along? Psychologists call the human tendency to temporally experience mostly positive scenarios when imagining something that is desired, affective forecasting.

As is often the case, articles such as these have us believe that most people, if not all, experience these kinds of tendencies of human psychology relatively equally, in this case the article is written about affective forecasting.

The truth is that those who suffer most from the negative effects of affective forecasting are a particular group of people. The folks with great imaginations who are also not particularly drawn to details or facts (let alone researching them). In other words, the dreamers and visionaries, sales types and socially extroverted, the ‘leave it to the last minute’ people. In the mindtime framework they are known as Future thinkers.

Maybe that’s why they also tend to blow through jobs like children unwrapping their Christmas presents? Great imaginations and the ability to just keep experiencing the newness of life over and over again.


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