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Children of Time

Our walk through time

Time presents us with an infinite cauldron of conceptual soup in which we can experience ourselves unfolding dimensionally into ever greater complexity.

All concepts of mind are born of and into time. And, all humans realize the forward motion of time equally, even if they have managed to escape it’s clutches conceptually. Time is everything to space as space is to time.

Every concept we can conceive of is one which is either focused on the pursuit of possibility – future, or the increase of probability as a broad concept of control – present, or the attainment of certainty, “what can ‘I’ prove is true” – past? “Where is my bedrock on which I can build my conceptual self in the schema of things,” is the question being answered, or more typically stated, “Who Am I?”

It seems that each of us blends our capacity to leverage these three conceptual constructs—possibility, probability, or certainty—to varying degrees, and the more used (and perhaps useful to us) a particular conceptual construct the more foundational it becomes to our sense of self, ego, and our personal survival.

Thus we each gravitate towards and use the ‘mechanisms’ or conceptual language and schema of these constructs in our choices of pursuits, careers, professions, and life paths. From our temporal vantage point, bound by our blend of the three constructs, we form our world view, support our opinions, manage our affairs, communicate with other and invest our physical and mental energies day-to-day.

In fact, we can learn a lot about ourselves and our relationships with others, and our work, by simply understanding how we unconsciously perceive and think about the world from within this magical framework of human consciousness, time.

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