The Insight

The Origins of

Our Thoughts

Everything we do begins with a thought. Three fundamental

motivating priorities shape everything about the way we think.

Each of us brings our own value to the world based on how we

naturally prioritize these three thought patterns.

All of human culture and all organizational behavior is shaped by these same individual and collective priorities. While the level at which we conceptualize these today is astounding, the priorities that shape our thoughts have not changed. Knowing them and their function is a game changer.



The need to understand the meaning of things and create Certainty,

thereby reducing risk.


The need to stabilize and control the environment in order to increase the Probability of achieving goals.


The need to find new Possibility, to envision new solutions and opportunities for success and growth.

The three priorities that

shape all of human thinking and

behavior can be found at work

throughout nature. We can see this

collaborative harmony at work in

schools of fish; it’s how they

perform their almost magical

dance of synchrony.

Rule 1. At the first sign of a threat swim in the opposite direction, use memory and experience to know.

Rule 2. Stay close to your neighbor, of like kin or tribe, and maintain a steady relationship, distance, and direction.

Rule 3. Move towards opportunities for higher survival, sex, food, and shelter.


It's All About Time is a short, practical handbook for people who want to achieve more with their own and other people's thinking.

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The rules of nature:

John Furey reveals the genius and soul of human thinking at work in our world.

He explains how it works, how it shapes our behaviors, how to use it collaboratively, and how to engage with it more effectively.


The Psychology of Time

Mostly we think of time as the ‘thing’ that we use to organize our lives—minutes, hours, days, weeks and years—few understand that time is the mechanism with which we form our very perceptions of reality and our thoughts.

To change our circumstances and be at peace we must become conscious of the true nature of time and its impact on our lives. It is through evolving this awareness that we can increase resonance and decrease conflict, individually and collectively. The MindTime model shows that people blend, to varying degrees, the three foundational constructs of human thinking: past-thinking, present-thinking, and future-thinking.

Possibility of Rewards

Chase Possibility, grow the species.

Certainty of Risk

There’s danger for Certain, avoid risk!

Probability of Survival

Staying together increases the Probability of survival.

Curious to learn your

thinking style?

(try it, it only takes

45 seconds)

““We are children of time.

Time forms our perceptions

and world view.

It is how we create our story,

individually and collectively.”

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