How much more intelligent would your leadership conversations be if a shared understanding of human thinking was factored into them? How much more honest?

John Furey is not a typical consultant. His sole focus is to bring an awareness of the impact of human thinking into your leadership’s conversations. The outcome of inviting John to meet with your leadership team is that it will shift the conversation from personalities and generalizations about people to an informed discussion, using a shared language and understanding, about the organization as a whole, creative, thinking system.

Along the way he will teach a simple model of human thinking that proves to be both highly predictive as well as prescriptive for participants.

John works using internet communications as well as conducting face-to-face meetings with his clients.

John Furey addresses the pressing issue of human thinking with powerful insight and compassion in a wide variety of contexts. He has captured the imagination and minds of audiences in hundreds of addresses around the world. The awareness he brings to listeners of the role of thinking and how to better engage with it has earned him high marks from clients and the public alike.

“John’s presentation at the FIATECH Annual Conference was excellent, as expected. He’s an excellent speaker: engaging, humorous, erudite, and inspiring. The icing on the cake was the MindTime tool. What an incredibly valuable tool for learning more about our organizations and ourselves. It had everyone talking in the halls.”

Richard Jackson - Director, FIATECH

Popular topics he has spoken about: Innovation, collaboration, messaging, understanding people’s preferences, thinking agility, motivating people, engaging clients and consumers, behavior change, beyond thinking – the intuitive mind, personal growth, team building, the future quotient.

American Express Conference of Engineers

Harvard Alumni

American College of Emergency Physicians

Google Tech Talk

Apogent Technologies Annual Leadership Retreat

Blaine Country Recreational District

Nature Conservancy

Boise State University

Southern California Chapter of CPAs

Western Conference of CEOs of Chambers of Commerce

Sun Valley Wellness Festival

Ad:Tech NYC

iMedia CEOs Conference

Texas Department of Transportation

ProSiebensat.1 – Cisco


John maps the minds at work in your organization, community, team, board, or any other group, and provides you with a whole new level of insight into what is really going on.

I feel that John’s work with both the principals and employees of both companies was crucial to our successful acquisition. Communicating with and understanding the people of both companies was the most critical aspect of the merger.  John did a great job of making people feel at ease; listening to everyone’s concerns, and recommending ways to address these concerns. His use of MindTime was a critical component of our merger and we continue to utilize it in our day to day operation. I highly recommend that any company that wants to make smart decisions about people retain John for his services.

David Koga - Principal, The Land Group, Inc.

He uses the MindTimeMaps platform to present you with a revolutionary way of looking at people in your organization. What are they truly wanting to bring to the effort? What are they driven to do when free to be themselves? Using this powerful suite of tools developed by MindTime Technologies, he will demonstrate how your culture and organizational mind is being driven every day by people’s individual thinking. It will amaze you. The benefits of understanding what is going on are huge, especially if you want to learn how to harness the collective mind set of your people towards your goals.

What you want to focus on, the focal point of your workshop, is up to you. The workshop experience is tailored to your needs and goals. The approach he takes to discussing a topic is always from the perspective of the impact of human thinking and behavior on outcomes.

John does a limited number of organizational retreats each year. He has availability for half-day and multi-day engagements. He mainly works in Europe and North America





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